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:. Thermalright SLK-800
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Sep 26th, 2002 Thermalright (Supplier) Cooling  1 | 2

:. Introduction .:

When you think about overclocking, one company comes right to mind: one of the first names you will hear is Thermalright. This is because they are one of the best heatsink companies around and are providing some of the most advanced heatsinks to the overclocking market. They provide quality heatsinks that have broken many temperature records and will break temperature records in the future. They also do all this high performance cooling in style, by designing the coolers to meet the demands of overclockers who want their systems looking like a performance machine, not a hunk of junk.


:. Specifications .:

Dimension (mm):

  • 87 L x 56.4 W x 48 H - Top
  • 57.5 L x 56.4 W x 48 H - Bottom
  • 25 L x 56.4 W - Base
  • Weight: 505g / 1.1 pounds (no fan)


:. What's inside the box .:

  • SLK-800 heatsink (with no fan :) )
  • 2 Spring Clips
  • Thermal Grease
  • 8 Rubber Support Feet



:. Thermalright SLK-800  .:

The SLK-800 came in a very basic looking box that is heavy-duty constructed. The first thing everyone will notice when they purchase the SLK-800 is the weight: 505g of copper must be good for something right? Well we will test is out later but let me first point out some great features of the SLK-800 that you won't find in your regular sissy heatsink down at your local computer shop.

The SLK-800 is very flexible when it comes to choosing your fan size and this is an excelled idea because the customer can chose the fan they want. This is important because some people want ultra cool temperatures and they are usually the people who are already 80% deaf because of the amount of noise their computer makes. These are the people that don't get bothered by the noise of fans like the Delta and Ventec Tornado fans.

Then there are those who want good cooling but aren't willing to put a fan in their case that sounds like a 747 jet engine. These people would like to use a 70mm or 60mm fan instead of 80mm fan. They can use anyone of those fans without having to purchase extra items to fit the fan on the SLK-800 heatsink. This is made possible because Thermalright have included 2 spring clips that attach to the heatsink. On both sides there are holes where the spring clips attach and there are different holes for different fan sizes to chose from so it's easy to customize.

The construction of the SLK-800 is very nicely done and each of those fins you see here is soldered individually to the copper core and they are very thin but they do a great job on cooling the hot AMD CPU's.




The most annoying thing I have noticed when installing the SLK-800 has to be the clip because it is very rigid and compared to other heatsinks, the SLK-800 was a bit tedious to install. The screwdriver also slipped off two times and that was a very scary situation. I hope Thermalright does something about this problem in their future heatsinks. One great thing about the clip is that it uses the six Socket A clips. This is great because the last think you need is the smell of burning plastic because your heatsink broke the plastic Socket A clips and your AMD has just started on fire.


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