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:.CrazyPC Lian-Li Fire Dragon Window Panel
Oct 17, 2002 CrazyPC Case Mod's  1 | 2

:. Introduction .:

We had a chance to review a very creative mod from CrazyPC. This is a truly unique case mod when it comes to case windows. Round or rectangle windows are starting to be boring but thanks to CrazyPC they are working hard to make very unique windows that you won't see anywhere else.


:. System Requirements .:

  • Lian-Li PC-6X and compatible Lian-Li cases

:. What's inside the box .:

  • Laser cut side panel
  • Very detailed information how and what they used to make the cut out.
  • Small paper describing the history of the Fire Dragon




:. CrazyPC Fire Dragon Window Panel .:

Most people love to have a very attractive computer with a window and all the extra other goodies but if you don't have the time or skill then CrazyPc has the right side panel window kit for you. This is not just your regular round window that you see on almost every case. No this is a very detailed Lian-Li side panel that has the Fire Dragon on it, CrazyPc used 100% clear acrylic (1/8" Thick) and itís solidly affixed to the case with 3M adhesive backing.

"We punched it. We kicked it. We torqued it. We bent it. We dropped it. We called it names that would have reduced a lesser product to tears. Nothing worked. That sucker is on there." - CrazyPc


When I took the side panel out of the fully padded cardboard container I was amazed at the clean cuts and the detail of the dragon. CrazyPc also left the protective backing to prevent scratches when you receive it. Every cut is perfect and smooth. Most hardcore modders love to make there own side panel windows but there are only a few that could do such a clean cut window.




After having a very close look at the whole side panel I found absolutely no errors or flaws when it came to the cut or the acrylic, even the double-sided tape was all perfectly done around the whole panel.

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